Precision Manufacturing From Design To Packaged Product

We're a family owned and operated U.S. manufacturer that prides itself on 100% correct and on time delivery. With the capabilities to guide our customers through the process of design to completed packaged parts delivered to your door.



  Florida Universal Manufacturer Inc. is your source for superior part production services. From the South East and beyond. Since 2004, we have been serving customers in a variety of industries. As an experienced manufacturer with a broad range of production and fabrication capabilities, we can provide our customers with a single-source solution that reduces lead times and lowers their overall project cost.


  In addition to our design and manufacturing services, we also offer skilled assembly solutions. From product design and production to final assembly and packaging, our team can manage your entire project.


  Industries that we work with include but are not limited to: automotive, motorcycle, nautical (including personal watercraft), simulators, defense, firearm, power generation, entertainment, plastics mold making, tool and die, fixturing, fittings, plumbing supplies, specialty nuts and bolts, manufacturing correction and part repair, agriculture and construction equipment.



Ask about our FFL-07 SOT Title II ITAR compliant manufacturing through Vengeance International Inc.